CSA Produce

The following is a partial list of organic vegetables, herbs and fruit that we expect to have available during our growing season. If you want something that you don't see here, just ask: we may have it!

Product Winter Spring Summer Fall
apples X
arugula X X
beets: red, orange, white X X X
broccoli X X
broccoli raab/rapini X
brussel sprouts X
cabbage X X X
cantaloupes X
carrots X X X
cauliflower X X
chinese greens X X

sweet corn X X
cucumbers X

garlic X X X X
green beans X X

fresh herbs X X
kale: green curly, red curly, red/white Russian X X
kohlrabi X X
leeks X X
lettuce: green leaf, red leaf, Boston bibb, Romaine X X X
melons X
mustard greens X
onions X X X
pears X X

peppers, hot: JalapeƱo X X
peppers, sweet: bell-green, red, yellow, Italian X X
potatoes X X X
radishes X X
rhubarb X
rutabagas X
salad greens X X X
spinach X X X
sugar snap peas X
swiss chard X X
tomatoes X X
turnips X
watermelons X
winter squash X X
zucchini X
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