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Full Harvest Farm,LLC

We are a 40-acre, mixed vegetable farm dedicated to certified organic production. You can buy directly from us by participating in our weekly, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box program, or by visiting our stall at the West Bend Farmer's Market. We also sell to several wholesale accounts, including Good Harvest Market, and home delivery services Brewer's Organics and Milwaukee Farmer's United.
The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need to remain as healthy as possible. Organic food, fresh, nutritious and locally grown, is the best choice during this time. Whether you ensure a steady supply of our healthy, delicious vegetables by purchasing a CSA Share, or you shop at our stand in the West Bend Farmer's Market, you know you're making a good investment in your body. After all, you are what you eat.
With the COVID-19 outbreak, people are asking us how it affects vegetable growers. COVID-19 is not a disease that is transmitted through a food production system such as ours. Even if the virus were on the seeds or the plants we put into the ground, it would be long dead before anything was big enough to harvest.
As raw food producers, we are already following the federal guidelines outlined in the Food Safety Modernization Act called Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) or Good Handling Practices (GHP). These guidelines were designed to minimize the transmission of some potentially deadly diseases like E-coli, listeria, etc. We've completed the Grower Training Course the Act recommends, and hold a Certificate of Training because we want to produce safe food. We send sick employees home and ask them to stay there until they are well. We instituted regular cleaning of hard surfaces, hand washing and may other procedures inherent with our type of production long before this current viral disease issue started. Our employees wear nitrile gloves while harvesting, we use an effective, concentrated, hydrogen peroxide solution to kill germs in our wash water and on all hard surfaces, including harvest tools and containers. Because of COVID-19, we'll be increasing all our sanitary practices. Our goal is to keep everyone healthy.

OUR FARM GROWS CERTIFIED ORGANIC VEGETABLES, FRUIT, AND HERBS for our community supported agriculture (CSA) members.

CSA members enjoy 18 weeks of delicious, seasonal produce like melons, sweet corn, broccoli, green beans and tomatoes. We offer weekly Couple and Family Shares and Every-Other-Week Couple Shares, with pickup sites in Brookfield, Delafield, our Farm, Menomonee Falls, Oconomowoc, Waukesha and Wauwatosa as well as a private, corporate site.

Full Harvest Farm is sold out of Prepaid Shares for the 2022 season. We are still accepting Worker Shares.

If you are interested in exchanging your labor for an 18-week Family Share, look into our Worker Share program. We offer a number of once-a-week, 4-hour shifts to choose from. Our Worker Shares provide extra labor at critical times and are an important part of our farm operation.
Visit our stand at the West Bend Farmer's Market in downtown West Bend to buy directly from us. We're located in front of the Washington House on Main St.

The West Bend Farmer's Market will open on Saturday May 21, 2022. The next early market is May 28, 2022.

7:30 to 11:00 am
Main markets:
Saturdays, June 4 thru October 29, 2022 7:30 to 11:00 a.m.
Midwest Organic Services Association Certified Organic

We offer many services to our wholesale clients:
  • timely availability sheets
  • invoiced orders
  • certified organic twist tie
  • quick washing and cooling
  • standardized sizing and boxing
  • on-farm refrigeration
  • Tuesday and Thursday delivery
Full Harvest Farm, LLC
7112 County Road S
Hartford, WI 53027
262 673-6760
CSA email: fullharvestfarm@gmail.com
Wholesale, etc. email: fullharvestfarm@yahoo.com

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